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A laboratory from the Institute ‘Eduardo Torroja’ obtains another ENAC certification

The CSIC’s Institute ‘Eduardo Torroja’ in Madrid has obtained a new certification from the Spanish certification body ENAC for essays and calibration of building materials.


Nanoquim: advanced materials at nanometric scale

The Nanoquim Platform laboratory, at the CSIC’s Institut de Ciència de Materials de Barcelona, is specialized in nanostructured materials  preparation. Here it is possible to obtain nanoparticles, nanowires, nanocoatings or molecular assemblies by different chemical processes.


Transforming CO2 into a resource

Scientists at MATGAS, a non-profit making interest group, are working to transform CO2 into a resource. This gas can be used for water treatment, to obtain polymers or value added materials, to preserve food, to extract selected compounds from food or to clean microchips.


Nanoquim Workshop: material nanostructuration service

Next June 27th , the Nanoquim Workshop will take place at the Institut de Ciència de Materials de Barcelona. It is a good opportunity to know the services offered by this Clean Room focused on material nanostructuration.


Nano-hamburguesas electrónicas

Una imagen obtenida en el Centro Nacional de Microelectrónica del CSIC obtiene el primer premio de fotografia del congreso internacional Micro-Nano Engineering 2008. La imagen corresponde a unas nanoestructuras, más pequeñas que un cabello humano, y con una inesperada apariencia.