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A fluorescent probe to monitor mitochondria in living cells

A scientific team has developed a fluorescent probe for monitoring the function and activity of a specific transporter in mitochondria of living cells. It is the first probe that enters the mithocondria through a specific transporter (Carnitine-acylcarnitine translocase) and it could be used for the diagnosis of rare metabolic diseases.


Improving ‘in vitro’ cell cultures for regenerative medicine

Biomaterials obtained through cell cultures are an excellent therapeutic strategy for the treatment of damaged tissues and organs. However, their obtention still presents handicaps. CSIC scientists have developed a method that boosts the collagen synthesis and can regulate the differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells.


A system to detect bacteria and virus through their mass and mechanical rigidity

The system is based on a nanodetector developed by scientists at the Microelectronics Institute of Madrid (IMM-CSIC). It is more sensitive than current methods and will allow and earlier detection of pathogens.


Device to cut biological tissues in three-dimensions

Scientists at the CSIC and at the Polytechnic University of Valencia have developed a system that enables cutting biological tissues in curved forms. The system is composed of a software and an accessory for being attached to the standard tool. The device offers a totally new approximation to the structural and functional studies of biological tissues.


Quick diagnosis through the skin and tears

A self-powered electrochemical sensor for detection of key metabolites such as lactate, glucose, and alcohol, among others, in physiological samples, has been developed. It can be implemented on flexible substrates. Biocompatible, it is very suitable for non-invasive medical applications in the form of skin-patches or contact lenses.